Small business marketing consultants in Melbourne explain benefits of service chatbots

Chatbots are popping up on more and more websites around the world, but does your website need a service chatbot? Would it have a tangible impact on your sales?

So what exactly is a chatbot? A chatbot is a piece of software with which you can communicate with your customers. It pops up on your website, prompting you to connect to a customer service agent via online chat.

The appeal of chatbots lies in their versatility. They can be used to perform a variety of different functions within the realms of customer service, customer interaction and many different advertising and marketing initiatives.

Our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne share a few reasons why adding service chatbots to your website can benefit your marketing strategy:

Customer service - Instead of having to call and sit on a phone waiting to ask a quick question, a customer can simply message a customer service chatbot and get their answer in a flash, hence increasing customer satisfaction with the brand.

Consumer analysis - Chatbots can play a large role analysing customer data, and optimising sales and marketing strategies in light of this analysis.

Proactive customer interaction - Chatbots are ideal for “reach out” initiatives. By simply inquiring whether or not the customer needs assistance the customer will know the brand is present and available to assist as needed, boosting the customer’s feelings of closeness to the brand.

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