Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane with 3 aggressive marketing strategies and opportunities for start-ups

Nothing fuels a start-up like sales…but how do you market your product so that you can sell as much as possible, in as short a period of time as possible?

Our team of small business marketing consultants in Brisbane have 3 strategies to help:

Look to the Influencers

The most important people in your market are those that speak to your target audience on a daily basis. You need to use these influencers to your advantage because your target customer is the one paying attention to them. Email them, call them, offer them free products and above all else, treat them as your best customers and be creative in how you develop relationships with these influencers. A mention from an influencer can propel your start-up to a force to be reckoned with. 

Create a sense of urgency

To create urgency, a business must focus on showing their customer how much they need their product. ie. “If you don’t buy this, you won’t look like this…”. Retailers are renowned for building the urgency to buy through discounts, weekly sales and clearances, because our human nature tells us that when something is less available, or only available for a limited time, we are more motivated to make a purchase quickly.

Emotions are key

Studies have found time and time again that emotional advertisements are the most effective with logical advertising being the least. So maybe it’s time to pull on some heartstrings. When crafting your company’s advertising campaigns, focus on striking an emotional tone that plays on the hopes and dreams of your audience

For professional marketing plans that are customised to your small business, contact Little Marketing, marketing consultants for small business, Brisbane. 


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