Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain why transparency is vital to building trust

As new modes of communication have opened up and it’s become easier than ever to convey timely and relevant information to the masses, the very messages being transmitted have become less and less transparent. It’s as if the simplicity of communicating has made it more difficult to be honest and forthcoming.

In terms of marketing, transparency is the only way to build trust. Over the past few months, our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane have seen a surprising upturn in the number of brands investing in transparent marketing, with most being start-ups and small businesses, which is great to see.

So what can your business do to become more transparent in it’s marketing efforts. Our small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane highlight a few specific things you can do to improve the honesty and quality of your marketing moving forward.

  1.      Explain “why” - People are more interested than you may think about the “why” behind your business. The “why” is the reason you started the business in the first place. It’s your most important core value. It’s your mission statement. Give it the exposure it deserves by placing it on the homepage or in your email signature. Be open about the “why”.
  2.      Talk about your losses – As marketers we are always great at discussing all of our accomplishments, but what about when things go off track? Why not openly blog about those mistakes, using a positive spin. This honesty is actually perceived as a positive form of marketing, providing a human element to your business.
  3.      Discuss Sourcing – These days people want to know where you source your products and the supply chain that they have followed. If Corporate Social Responsibility is a big deal to your company, then this cannot be overlooked.

If you need assistance with transparent marketing, contact our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane.


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