Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane look at the content behind meaningful brands

Research shows that the majority of content created by brands is having little or almost no impact on business results or on people’s lives.

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane know that there is a big benefit to getting content right, from digital content to press releases and events.

It has been found that there is a high correlation between content effectiveness and a brand’s impact on consumers’ personal wellbeing. This is important because the greater impact a brand has on personal wellbeing, the more meaningful a brand becomes and the better business results it achieves.

Meaningful brands are those that have an impact on consumers’ personal, collective and functional benefits and they are certainly proving to be the big performers. Although most brands do a good job on the functional and collective benefits they fall down when it comes to personal wellbeing. That suggests that while they are successfully explaining to consumers the benefits of using their products, they are failing to move their brand up the benefit ladder to explain its impact on their lives.

Examples of meaningful brands are Google and Ikea, performing well in Australia and of course internationally.

Many brands seem to think that content is all about entertaining people, however brands need to understand what sort of content works for their audience and where the opportunity is. Put simply, our small business marketing consultants know that consumers expect retailers to create content that ‘educates’ them.

To be classified as a meaningful brand, content must be considered carefully and brands need to break down their content, take a step back and ask what the role of content is for their industry. Whether it is to inspire, educating, help, reward, inform or entertain they need to rank these and work out where the opportunities are and what they should or should not be focusing on.

If you need assistance with content to make your brand more meaningful, contact our small business marketing company in Brisbane today.


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