Small business marketing company in Melbourne explain why brand transparency is key

Our experienced small business marketers know that if you want loyal consumers, then you need to build a transparent brand. Consumers seek out this information in order to determine whether a company is trustworthy and it’s product information that inspires this trust.

Consumers want to know everything about a product. They want to know more than just what your product is made up of, they want detailed insights in regards to where you source your materials, how it was made and the values that guided the production process.

In saying that, consumers not only want transparency in your product, they expect to know even more about your company such as the personality of your brand, it’s value systems, history, relationships with other brands and in general, the way they do business.

So what happens if your brand isn’t transparent? Our small business marketing consultants explain that the answer is simple, consumers will hunt for information elsewhere, taking to the internet to determine these details for themselves, finding a new brand to give their business to.

Brands can easily lose control of the available information about their products as consumers turn to third-party sources to determine how products were made. Thus, being completely transparent up front allows brands to retain control of their image and shape the narrative about their own products.

Brand transparency isn't just a nice thing to strive for, it's imperative to your business. As trust in business falls to new lows, brands can differentiate themselves by committing to full transparency and in doing so doing, they can build dedicated consumers for life.

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