Small business marketing company in Brisbane explain why your business should be on LinkedIn

When it comes to your business and social media, our small business marketers know that it’s not only Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that you need to be seen on, but also LinkedIn. Originally, a company page on LinkedIn was simply a nice addition to your social media network, but now with so many featured tools such as the “Follower” feature and “Status Updates” it's ability to communicate to your followers is better than ever before.

So what will LinkedIn do for your busines? Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain:

- LinkedId allows your company page to have followers. Your page followers will be able to keep track of your company news, updates and or announcements.

- Creating your own LinkedIn company page gives more exposure and visibility to your business, products and services.

- Your company’s products and services can easily be added in your LinkedIn Company page, this even includes videos that you can attach to each product or service, allowing you to showcase what you can do and what you have to offer.

- Company pages also have recommendations just like your own profile. Satisfied customers can now easily recommend you, your product or your service, helping you to get way ahead of your competitors.

Company pages are an excellent tool, not to be overlooked and our team of small business marketing consultants highly advise that LinkedIn be included in your marketing strategy.

For marketing advice that is specifically catered to small business, contact our team of small business marketing consultants in Brisbane.



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