Small business marketing and seo services Melbourne explain how to attract subscribers

Our marketing consultancy in Melbourne love creating relevant, exciting one-to-one email campaigns for our clients but how do our clients grow subscribers for their next campaign? That’s where promotions and competitions can come in, while also generating new leads, and growing revenue.

To grow subscribers, our small business Melbourne marketing consultants have 3 features to consider when it comes to maximising your growth:

  • Run instant win competitions with lots of small and most importantly relevant prizes. This creates excitement, giving your potential customers more chances to win. 
  • Encourage entrants’ friends to participate: integrate the competition with social channels, and reward entrants with extra entries when they promote your competition for you. Alternatively, you can make it a “group competition” where inviting friends is part of the fun. 
  • Make sure your prize is truly relevant – using your product or something that complements it will ensure you grow your database with quality, prospective customers, not just people who will later unsubscribe.

Wondering what other ways you can attract more email subscribers? Contact our team of experienced small business marketing consultants in Melbourne!


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