SEO tips for businesses, by small business marketing consultants in Sydney

In the age of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the key ways people market their businesses. It is vital for your business to get it right, which is why our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have some SEO tips for you.

Small business marketing is essential today for growth, so here are some SEO tips for businesses:

• Page Titles – this is a way for you to tell Google and potential clients what you do, they appear when those certain keywords are used to help your business be found
• Keywords – the placement of keywords throughout your website is one of the most important SEO tactics today, with marketing consultants using them in every part of the website
• Sitemaps – is made for listing and creating to all major pages on your website, it provides more relevance for when people are searching for that specific thing
• Mobile sites – with almost half of the traffic coming from mobile devices, it is vital to have a mobile friendly website as it will rank higher on Google, due to them always trying to enhance the use experience
• Update your content regularly
• Grow your natural links – a good small business marketing consultant, should have the ability to make your primary source of activity on your website be through organic searches
• Always monitor your process

If you are confused about any of the above, feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney and let’s work towards the greater goal together.


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