Generation Z marketing advice for small business in Melbourne

Little Marketing, small business marketing consultants in Melbourne explain that NOW is the time for your business to take notice of Generation Z .

When it comes to your online marketing strategy, it’s these tweens, teens and early 20 somethings that were born after 1995 (and there’s 2 billion of them worldwide) that are driving many of the shifts happening in how we communicate, the way we access information and the culture we consume.

Businesses now need to use "Gen Z" as a new benchmark for their marketing strategy and here our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne explain how.

Don’t beg them to come to you – Go to them. Asking them to click on a link or like your page isn’t going to persuade them. You must be relevant with online and proximity marketing. It’s relevance that will encourage interaction with your brand.

When is comes to Generation Z marketing for small business in Melbourne, make your content easy to consume and original – Don’t belittle them, give them the information they need in an easy to consume format and ensure they can easily share it. This young generation spot trends easily and it’s original content and authentic experiences that will get them coming back for more.

Cover all platforms – Genration Z are multi-taskers when it comes to using multiple devices at once. Remember however, they still want to physically go shopping and have a great in-store experience also. It’s important that the bricks and mortar store experience you give blends seamlessly with your online presence.

Get ready to embrace a new cultural shift and start adjusting your marketing to make room for what is to be the next dominate consumer group.

For assistance with your small business marketing campaign, contact Little Marketing, experts in small business marketing, Melbourne.


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