Small business marketing consultants in Melbourne with 5 marketing ideas to boost sales

Here at Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne know that it’s easy for small businesses owners to be so involved in the day to day running of their business that they can often lose focus in regards to their marketing stragegies.

In the end this can spell disaster for future sales and growth, so here our Melbourne marketing consultants share 5 ideas to help you maximise profits and increase sales, whilst growing your band of loyal customers.


Many retailers have a go at sending out marketing material such as a post card or email and are disappointed by the results, never to market with direct-mail tools again. Our small business consultants Melbourne explain that this is a mistake because repetition sells. You’ve probably heard of the rule of seven – a customer has to see an offer seven times to buy. Following this principle doesn’t mean you need to send seven different postcards, but two or three won’t hurt, especially when used in conjunction with banners, flyers, ads and digital marketing.


How often do you follow up with your customers after they’ve made purchases? Rewarding customers for their loyalty is a great way to build relationships and earn more sales. Try sending new customers a reward or gift, such as a discount coupon (which you can track), to encourage them to visit again.


To maximize your ROI, you should try to test multiple versions of your marketing materials against each other to see which performs best. Pick small segments of your mailing list to test your different versions on, then send the winning version to your entire list.


Research you can about your very best customers to develop your ideal customer profile. Use this to reach out to these particular demographics via your mailing lists. Once you have your best customers down, you can create multiple customer profiles for different types of customers for targeting purposes.

Build Customer Relationships

Personal interaction with customers is a great way to establish relationships and encourage long-term customer loyalty. Your marketing can be a natural extension of this. Try sending birthday or anniversary greetings and other relationship-building communications.

To find out more about ways our Melbourne marketing consultants can help to grow your business, contact the team at Little Marketing today.



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