Small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain the need for a positioning statement

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane understand that when it comes to your small business marketing, there are many vital components that must all blend seamlessly with one another.

One particular component of every small business marketing plan should include a strong, well thought out positioning statement.

So what exactly is a positioning statement?

Our team of marketing consultants in Brisbane explain that it is a sentence that defines what the marketed entity is, what makes it unique, and why it is relevant to the audience. The positioning statement is a phrase that is used internally to help your organisation understand the benefits your products or services provide to your target customers. It also states how you are different from your competitors.

A positioning statement is constructed through an in depth consultation with the help of several important pieces of information from the business owner such as:

▪ Who the primary competitors are

▪ How those competitors position their business

▪ An understanding of the distinguishing values provided by the client’s products and services

▪ Who the client’s ideal customers are Everything from the website page copy, supporting web images, calls to action and other marketing materials are all ultimately based on the positioning statement.

If you need help with your small business marketing strategy, contact our Brisbane small business marketing consultants today.


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