Brisbane small business marketing consultants with 5 ways to improve your social media activity

Many small business owners understand that they should be using social media to engage with customers and potential customers. For small businesses that are already active on social media, they know that they could make it work harder for their business but they’re not sure how.

Here are 5 quick tips from our Brisbane small business marketing consultants to get your social media working harder for your business today.

Update regularly

Post regular updates, daily if possible. This keeps your audience reminded of your business throughout their day and it’s why it should be a top priority.

Be relevant

Regular posts also need to relevant to your business and your audience. One Brisbane marketing consultant advises that “this can often be put in the ‘too hard basket’, to help with this you can create a ‘bank’ of ideas that you draw upon for posts. Try to be humorous and creative, as these posts will get the most engagement”


Use your social media pages to listen to what your customers have to say. It’s a great way to get honest feedback and improve your product or service accordingly.

Create exclusivity

Providing exclusive offers to your social media followers makes them feel special. It will boost your sales and increase the number of followers you have as your audience share exclusive offers.

Respond quickly

Replying to a customer (or potential customer) enquiry quickly makes a great first impression. It shows that you are responsive, there to meet the needs of your customer and that you care about them.

If you need help with your social media, contact a small business marketing consultant in Brisbane today. Our team of Brisbane marketing consultants are experts in providing marketing advice for small business and will be happy to help. 


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