5 reasons why email marketing works by your Brisbane small business marketing consultants

How do people feel about email in 2017? When the average person receives dozens of emails each day, is email still a channel that small businesses should pursue? The answer is a resounding “yes”. Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane explain why email marketing still works.

It’s cost effective

We don’t like to use the word “cheap” but email marketing is definitely inexpensive. It allows small business owners to reach a large number of customers (or potential customers) for a very low cost per send.

You can get personal

Emails can be highly personalised to each customer. You can personalise offers and discounts based on purchase history or localise the content of your email based on where your customer lives. There are so many ways to show your customer that you understand their needs. This drives engagement and will increase your rate of conversion to sale.

Reach customers anywhere

We spend so much time on our smartphones that email is a great way to reach your customers in real-time. One Brisbane marketing consultant advises that “many of us take any spare moment in the day to check emails on our phone. So why not get your message across to your customer while they wait for lunch?”

It’s measurable

You can easily measure how effective your email marketing is by analysing your open rates, click through rates and conversions. You can even test different elements of your marketing emails – such as the subject line. This way, you can optimise your email marketing as you go to improve your results.

Stay connected

Email is a great way for small business owners to stay connected with your customers, to engage them and to keep your small business top of mind. Why use email to stay connected? Because of all the reasons above, of course!

If you need help with your email marketing, contact a small business marketing consultant in Brisbane today. Our team of Brisbane marketing consultants are experts in providing marketing advice for small business and will be happy to help.


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