3 Ways to stand out with your content, by small business marketing consultants in Sydney

Content creation has become one of the most influential marketing aspect a business needs to take control over of, it allows you to triumph over your competitors and gives the smaller businesses a chance to thrive. That’s why our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have some suggestions that may work for your content creation.

Our marketing consultants in Sydney suggest the following content creation strategies to stand out from the crowd:

• The first thing we recommend is for you to find your ‘thing’ – by this we mean you need to be able to find that inner persona that has the ability to stand out online. Some ways to do this would be to create a character for your content or blog, feature everything from an odd point of view, or you can be very visual with graphics and images
• Write your content differently – you can try an incorporating different writing styles and techniques into your article. You can try using controversy, using colour (poems, sarcasm, or an anecdotal style) but be sure to write with skill and thought
• Create differently – content isn’t all about writing, it is about consistent content creation that will in turn benefit your business. Be sure to incorporate presentations, infographics, videos or gifs, you can get most of these services from your local marketing consultancy in Sydney

We know that some of these ideas would be a stretch for what is out there today, so if you’re looking for something new just try it for a month and document the results or you can ask a marketing consultant to assist with this.

Be sure to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney if you any enquiries about starting up a marketing plan for your business!


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