Why word of mouth is important for your business, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

When we you start a business, some of the most powerful forms of marketing includes word of mouth, which can be the result of what happens to your business. The marketing consultancy in Sydney will explain why word of mouth is so important for your business.

When word of mouth starts to travel, it starts to build trust in your business, as brands are continuously building brand ambassadors that are willing to promote their products and services via social media. Statistics say that other customers trust 70% of anonymous reviews.

Another aspect of Word of Mouth marketing includes customer loyalty, as you know by now that gaining new customers for your business is difficult, that is why peer referrals are the best way to get them. The more loyal a customer is to your brand, the more they will talk about it and tell people to use it.

Finally, one of the best aspects of Word of Mouth includes creating a buzz around your brand, the more awareness you gain from this form of marketing, the more it will be spoken about.

As small business marketing consultants, we want to ensure that your business gains the most from the future of marketing. Feel free to contact our marketing consultancy in Sydney and get your plan kick started.


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