Small business marketing company Melbourne with three types of keywords to use if you want to improve your SEO

Choosing the right keywords can makes or break your content and SEO strategy. If you pick something too broad you'll get lost in the crowd and if your pick something too specific you might isolate your perfect customer.

The act of optimization is the easy part but finding the best keywords for your strategy can certainly be a balancing act so our small business consultants in Melbourne explain 3 types of keywords to help you get found faster.

Long-tail keywords give you the opportunity to rank faster and higher as they are more specific.  . People who search things know exactly what they're looking for and will take action when they find it. 

By targeting and optimizing your content around long-tail keywords, you can reach the right people quickly, which improves your SEO and helps you rank for more competitive keywords in the future.

Trending keywords are another simple strategy to get your content ranked on Google quickly is to target trending topics or current events.

These help your content get discovered on Google as they are more likely to show up above organic rankings in Google News and picked up quickly in organic rankinds as Google’s algorithm is constantly searching for content on trending topics and pages that were most recently updated.

Already-Ranking Keywords are those that already exist. If you've already been creating blog content for a few months or several years, you have a big advantage because you don't have to start from scratch with new keywords. Unlike those who are new to adding content, you are likely already ranking for keywords that you never specifically created content for yet.

You're already getting traffic from these keywords which means that people are searching for them and you're already ranking for them, so use them to your advantage!

Not only will your new content rank quickly for those keywords, but your existing content that contains the same or similar keywords are sure to be boosted.

Because SEO compounds over time, so the sooner you start using the types of keywords above, the better results you'll get in the long-run.

If you need assistance with your SEO contact Little Marketing, the small business marketing professionals, Melbourne.



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