Small business marketing company Brisbane with what you need to know about running your small business Instagram account - Part 1

If you own a small business, chances are that you have successfully set up some of your business social media channels, including Instagram.

Our small businesss marketing consultants understand that you are hoping to utilise this channel to find new followers and customers. To do this, you may need to look at additional strategies to ramp up your efforts. With engagement on Instagram being 15 times higher than it is on Facebook, it’s definitely the platform that, for many small businesses, can move them from a teeny company to a burgeoning one.

In saying that, our small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane has 10 ways to grow your small business, helping you to connect with your audience and get them to purchase from you.

Firstly Connect Instagram to Your Other Social Media Channels – You will certainly get more bang for your buck as well as more followers to boot. Connect Instagram to your Twitter and Facebook accounts so that image you share on Instagram will automatically post to those profiles, and people can click to see your Instagram stream, following your brand as they go.

Post What People Want to See - Don’t feel like all your images have to be professional product shots. In fact, your audience might prefer the rough smartphone pictures with filters at times. It’s great to have some behind-the-scenes shots or you can stream visual content that followers can’t get anywhere else.

Never underestimate video - Instagram allows users to upload videos, which is one thing many forget about. Keep them short and sweet; your audience’s attention span can’t take more than a minute or so as they’re scrolling their stream. You can also embed your Instagram vids on your website or blog.

Hashtags are your friend - Because people sort images by hashtags, you have the opportunity to reach even more new followers by using one that relates to your image. You can also find people to follow by searching relevant hashtags.

Look for our news article next week as our small business marketing consultants explain more about how to utilise Instagram for your business.



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