Variables marketers should know how to improve email marketing, by small business marketing consultants

Being a marketer means understanding a range of variables around our industry. That’s why our small business marketing consultants in Sydney will explain a range of variables that all marketers should be aware of in order to improve email marketing.

Variables we should be aware of as marketing consultants include:

• Subject line: is the easiest to test and change, but is also one of the most important as it is the first thing a subscriber sees
• From Name: this is where you need to test how subscribers react to your email from a business name, personal name or even both, then stick to the one that works best
• Header: this is where you need to check if you need a banner image of just simply text
• Images: change the layout and see if the main drive are your images, don’t forget that you can track how the email goes
• Content: this is all dependent on the industry at hand, you could be highly reliant on text or images
• Time & Day: you can see which days have peak times for people to open emails, and also which day would be best to send the email

We hope our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have been helpful with your email marketing campaigns, so be sure to contact us if you have any enquires.


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