Small business marketing company Brisbane with successful blog writing tips

Are you looking for some ideas to simplify your blog content creation process?

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane have a few tips that will help you to create optimal blog posts every time. 

Setting Out

Your blog must include the following if it is to appeal to your audience.

- Eye-catching title
- In-text links to landing pages
- Sidebar/banner calls to action
- Social sharing buttons
- Call to action at the bottom
- Relevancy—making sure the post is relevant from top to bottom.
- Categories

Whether your new blog post is a stand-alone article or part of a series you’re writing, it should fit into your blog categories as well as your overall corporate content strategy. Meaning that you want to stay on topic and have your posts fit into the categories you’ve established.


Most search engines will use a maximum of 160 characters for your post description on their results pages. If you don’t create a meta-description a search engine will often take the first 160 characters it finds on your page instead.

Writing for Search Engines

Remember to stick to what goole likes which is Google likes text formatting, freshness and outbound hyperlinks. It likes to be told where you are and it really likes experts!


Blog posts are made up of more than words and headings. Remember that most people are visual learners and images can help people take in and retain information. Therefore it's so important to convey the overall feeling or emotion of your post. Why not illustrate a metaphor or analogy that is part of your main idea. Evoke surprise or curiosity and challenge yourself to make your reader smile.

Make sure you keep any eye out same time next week when our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane continue with more tips for creating a successful blog.



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