Small business marketing company Brisbane on how to identify your target audience

As we all know, marketing to anyone but your target audience is simply a waste of time and money. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs, especially in start-ups, can’t identify their target audience. As a business, being clueless about something as important as this is a quick path towards failure.

Our small business marketing company in Brisbane have the following helpful tips:

Study Your Demographic

Conducting a demographic study is your first step. It’s imperative  for your overall business strategy, as it will help you hone your marketing and sales initiatives. Think of the following criteria: age, gender, location, education, income levels, occupation, marital status and ethnic background. Once you’ve averaged these out, it’s time to learn from your target audience. When done so regularly, you can spot trends and change marketing and sales initiatives.

Know your business

Sounds pretty simple but it’s how you learn from your audience. Simplify your business model, explaining the problem is solves and what your product or service will add to your customers life. Leave out any assumptions. Base your knowledge solely on the objective data collected during your studies.

For more great tips be sure to check out next weeks blog where our small business marketing team explain further steps you can take to identify your target audience.


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