Brisbane marketing consultants for small business with part two of how to identify your target audience

Quantitative and Qualitative Studies

At Little Marketing, our small business marketing consultants know how vital it is to collect valuable data from your target audience. Start with a quantitative study. You might like to use a multiple choice survey and give it to as many people in your target audience as possible. Next a qualitative study, include question that ask how the customer feels about your product or service.

Pay Attention to Social Media Signals

Think about Facebook’s ecosystem, including Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Did you know the average user spends over 50 minutes a day on their social media accounts?

Social media has become the place where many people sound off their opinions, so pay close attention to what your target audience is saying. Observe how they act and react to certain types of posts, not just related to your products or services, but your competitors’ too. Look for these social media signals will also show universal trends within your target audience and take action before the peak of these trends.

Study Your Competition

Your largest and most successful competitors have likely completed some in-depth audience studies of their own. The easiest way to see this is through their advertising and marketing initiatives and what they are posting on social media. But don’t simply copy your competitors. Instead, learn their tactics and do things better. Innovation is key, the more original an idea, the more appealing it will be.

Build a Client Persona

Now that you have all your data, create a persona of your ideal customer, taking age, sex, ethnicity, salary, location, etc. into account. Take all of your learnings from your target audience and formulating them into an actionable marketing plan will yield the response you had always hoped for.

If you need assistance with identifying your exact target audience, contact our team of Little Marketing consultants in Brisbane.


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