9 Marketing mistakes that affect your business, by your small business marketing consultant in Sydney

Marketing is an investment most small businesses need to start as soon as possible in order for their brand to get the exposure that it needs. While some businesses do get the marketing, a lot of the time mistakes are made and our small business marketing consultants in Sydney will tell you what these are.

Our marketing consultants tell you about 9 marketing mistakes that can affect your business:

1. Not paying attention to detail
2. Not understanding your customers’ needs
3. Not staying true to your brands identity
4. Not adhering to email marketing’s guidelines and practices for the best result
5. Falling for Sydney marketing consultants that claim to be SEO ‘experts’, who will get your website to page one on Google. Just remember that is it never a guarantee
6. Not having a big social media presence, lack of photos, personal information or even using a personal account instead of a business page
7. Not seeking professional help when creating your brand identity or rebranding it
8. Not taking online reviews seriously
9. Believing that marketing is too expensive and not an investment in the long run for your business

Marketing for small businesses can be quite difficult at times, so it is important to go to the right people who will listen and implement proper strategies.

Feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney and let’s get you started on a proper marketing plan.


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