Small business marketing consultancy in Perth explain what you should include in your referral strategy

Here at Little Marketing we know that referrals are the lifeblood of every business profes-sional. So how do you generate more referral-based clientele? Our marketing consultants for small business in Perth say that creating a formalised referral strat¬egy is a great start.

A formalised referral strategy is simply a structured way to help you deepen relationships and produce referrals. Here are some of the components of a super-effective, easy-to-implement formalised referral strategy:

1. Write an online newsletter
You want content that's both valuable to readers and potentially shareable to their friends. By providing useful content either monthly or quarterly through an online, shareable method, you gain top-of-mind awareness among your network.

2. Consider a client appreciation event
Here at Little Marketing, our experts in small business marketing in Perth know most businesspeople fail to hold appreciation events even though the potential upswing is great.
Partner with one or two friends or colleagues, because doing so will help ensure success by taking some pressure off yourself. Be sure to keep the event simple, mix and mingle and potentially have pics taken to share on Social Media. Afterwards, you can individually follow up with people who said they might have some potential referrals for you.

3. Make calls to former clients
Even if you don't hold a client appreciation event, you can still call past clients to see how they're doing, which is a great way to generate business and get more referrals. Go back 12 months and write down the names of everyone with whom you've worked and call everyone on your list to check in and see how they're doing. 

Our team of small business marking consultants in Perth know that referrals don't happen overnight. They're the product of time, thought and a good bit of energy put toward deepening the relationships of those around you.


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