Small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane expain why you need a documented content strategy in 2018

Our marketing consultants for small business in Brisbane explain that as it draws closer and closer to 2018, you may be contemplating successful marketing ideas coming into the New Year. If so, you may want to include a content marketing strategy into your plans.

A great content strategy can be very effective in increasing your revenue, however it’s vital that your content strategy be documented to ensure consistancy. For increased web traffic, a growth in leads, more loyal customers and that spike in revenue in 2018, a closer look at your content strategy is necessary.

Set some time aside to analyse what has worked, and identify opportunities hidden within trends. Here our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane have a few tips to help you with structuring your content coming into 2018:

1. Adjust your mobile first strategy - mobile will account for nearly 80 percent of all internet usage in 2018.

2. Get more creative and personal with your content - in 2018, it'll be more about the type of visual content you're posting and sharing.

3. Prepare for new platforms - If your business or organisation didn't tap into chatbots in 2017 for content marketing, prepare to incorporate it in 2018. Chatbots have proven successful in customer service and the same can be witnessed in content marketing.

4. Don't give up on email, simply get better at it - think about sending more targeted emails, especially in relation to a subscriber's history.

Be prepared to include interactive visual content, chatbots, storytelling and increased personalisation into your 2018 content marketing strategy and to find out more contact our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane today.


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