Small business marketing company in Perth with five ways to market your small business in 2018

As a startup in 2018, you need to pay especially close attention to what's current so you can get the most for your marketing budget.

Besides setting up social media accounts etc. here our team of marketing consultants for small business in Perth share a few tips:

1. Make a Video

Vidio creation is not always as expensive as you might think and there are many options. Video marketing growth can pay high dividends with studies showing that it's one of the most effective marketing tactics around.

2. Focus on the Individuals

It's not always about attracting the masses. Marketing to the people who already know you can be just as effective as 80% of your revenue will come from just 20% of your customers. With your most loyal customers will make up the bulk of your business, direct your marketing campaign to them via your email list and through staying in touch in order to turn them from buyers into brand ambassadors.

Be sure to tune in next week when our marketing consultants for small business in Perth share more great marketing tips for your small business in 2018.



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