Marketing consultancy in Melbourne explains how to reward your social media fans this Christmas

Christmas is upon us and with only a couple of weeks to go, it's not too late to send your customers a thank you!.

Here at Little Marketing, our team of small business maketing consultants in Melbourne say that depending on your audience, you may find your followers on social media are your most engaged customers and your best brand ambassadors.

Why not thank them by having offers exclusive to social media platforms? Although digital coupons and coupon codes work best with online stores, brick-and-mortar businesses can still offer print-at-home coupons that are promoted exclusively on social media.

Our small business marketing consultants explain that an  alternative for online businesses is to create a landing page with unique offers, and again only promote this on social media.

This idea works best if limited to your social media accounts, and when linked to your online store.

While most businesses are not limited to social media only, there are many businesses who find that they actually receive more attention on social media than on their website.

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