Little Marketing small business marketing consultants in Mebourne explain customer service benefits of live streaming

Here at Little Marketing, our marketing consultants for small business in Melbourne explain that one of the best ways to use live-streaming is to help solve cusomer service concedrns.

Using live video for customer service makes your customers’ lives easier and can also give them a good impression of your brand. The more personal the interactions your customer service representatives have with the people they serve, the better.

Updates and Demonstrations

If you want to introduce a new product or announce news, there is no better way than doing it via live-stream. This encourages real time engagement with customers and future prospects.

Furthermore, live-streaming is great when you can give demonstrations of your products and services, allowing your audience a quick and visual understanding of your product.

Live Events

The most common type of live streaming is during events. Show your viewers what is happening and give them a preview of the topics that 

Behind the Scenes

This type of video enhances your brand’s trust and transparency with customers. You can share how your products are made, taking them through various processes.

To find out more about live streaming for marketing your small business in Melbourne, contact the experts at Little Marketing today.


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