The best marketing tools for a NFP, by our small business marketing consultant in Sydney

Are you a Not For Profit (NFP) Organisation looking for efficient and easy ways to market your business? Well you’ve come to the right place because our small business marketing consultant in Sydney has found some great marketing tools to help you out.

With a noticeable increase in advertising for NFP’s, it is clear that they are all venturing into the realm of marketing. Here are the tools that our marketing consultant recommends:

• All NFP’s are offered a Google Adwords grant of $10,000 USD every month (if your business reaches the requirements), so this should be utilised to build a strong network and online presence
• Google Apps are given to NFP’s free of charge, this includes 30GB of free online storage, Google calendars and Gmail all with pro functionalities
• Facebook is being hugely used by NFP’s to portray their business and gain traction with donations and support
• Google Earth allows for the NFP to get in contact with other businesses and lets them map their story through the app

We know that as a NFP it can be difficult for you to get the word out, that is why our marketing consultancy in Sydney wants the best for you and your business.

Feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney with any enquiries that you may have.


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