Strategies to market your start-up on a budget, by small business marketing consultants in Sydney

It is quite clear that many start-up businesses don’t have massive budget to market their brands so it is vital to be able to utilise a small budget to achieve specific marketing goals. Our small business marketing consultants in Sydney have some strategies that will help businesses on a budget.

Try these strategies that our marketing consultants in Sydney have devised for you:

• Be sure to share and tell your audience why you do the things you do and this can be done through all avenues on social media. Tell your brand story!
• Don’t just try to sell your products, but create relationships and social media allows for you to target your specific niche.
• Help people discover your content, this can mainly be done through hash tags and tagging important people in your posts.
• Use email marketing campaigns to send out emails about offers, which will make it irresistible to not look at your business.
• Co-sponsor an event that targets your niche market, if they see that you’re helping it’ll give you exposure and make people more inclined to purchase your products.

Be sure to seek small business marketing advice if you ever get stuck or you’re looking to expand and improve your marketing campaign.

Feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney with any enquiries you have.


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