Small business marketing company in Brisbane explains why you need a customer journey map

A customer journey map is a visual representation of every experience your customers have with you. It helps to tell the story of a customer's experience with your brand, from original engagement to the relationship you have with them into the future.

Our small business marketing consultants in Brisbane know that it may sound simple, but a customer journey can be quite complex and each can greatly vary from one business to the next. Customers can come to you through so many channels, from referrals to social media or through particular campaigns and to ensure that no interaction slips through the cracks, you need to map out every touch-point or experience along their journey. 

Creating a detailed customer journey map helps you to see your business from your customers point of view. As you create the map you will start to discover how well you are servicing your customers, giving you insights into any customer pain points.

A customer expects a seamless experience from every brand they interact with, from first contact to purchase and everything in-between. Customers expect companies to know and remember, across multiple touch-points, who they are and what they’re looking for, so that the necessary information is available at their beck and call. A map shows the gaps between the desired customer experience and the one actually received.

To get the most from your customer journey map you need to include every point where your customer comes into contact with your business, email responses, purchases, testimonials, special promotions, social media interactions and PR. As your relationship with a customer develops, your map will also cover the long-term, post purchase journey they take with you. Looking at the completed journeys of many customers can even help highlight whether there is a clear route from research and enquiry to sale, mapping potential obstacles and opportunities for the business to improve the journey. 

Customer journey mapping is an essential tool to any business, no matter the size. If you need assistance with how to get to know your customers better, simply get in touch with our small business marketing consultancy in Brisbane.



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