Melbourne marketing consultants for small business in with three new Facebook features that can benefit your social media marketing strategy

Our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne feel like it was only yesterday that Facebook introduced their live videos and now the most popular social media channel is adding even more interesting features that your small business can add to it’s social media marketing strategy

Here’s an overview of three Facebook updates that are coming your way in April 2017:

New in-app camera

Packed with lots of effects, the Facebook camera offers lots of fun masks frames and interactive filters for you to add to your videos and photos. Facebook is even partnering with movie brands to create masks for upcoming movies as well as introducing new ways for users to create their own frames and effects. Businesses have the opportunity to use this to their advantage by

New Insights to Reports

Facebook Ads Manager has had an update to its reports, offering more transparency for your predicted ad results through delivery insights and estimated daily results. It also offers in-depth auction metrics so you can easily monitor fluctuations in your campaign performance.

New Live Streaming from your computer

Live video video can now be broadcasted to news feeds from desktop and laptop computers. Previously, live video was only available through Facebook’s mobile app. A stable camera setup can be beneficial to your broadcast, especially for video blogs and tutorials. These new live streaming capabilities also mean you can organise webinars straight from Facebook.

These are just a few of updates Facebook has released this month and our small business marketing consultants Melbourne recommend including these new features in your social media strategy NOW to engage your audience before your competitors jump on the bandwagon.

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