Small business marketing consultants Brisbane explain why you should include customer testimonials on your websie

When your potential customers visit your website for the first time, what do you think are the most important elements they look for?  Well an attractive layout, great colour scheme and easy to navigate site are all good and well. But what about your testimonials page? 

For many customers, testimonials of your business are key to helping them determine that you can actually provide them with the service and products that you are claiming to.

But why exactly are testimonials so very important? Well, testimonials create an element of huminization for your business and brand, with customers these days being able to catch the scent of insincerity very quickly.

Our small business marketing consultancy Brisbane, recommend providing clear testimonials to add tangible confirmation of your selling points. Real-life examples will provide your brand, it's products and services with a high level of support.

To ensure that your testimonials really stand out, strategically place them on your site so that they aren’t missed and make them visually engaging to ensure their effectiveness.

Take the time to include testimonials on your website page and keep them up to date. Show your potential customers that you are an industry leader and you will be much more likely to convert customers.

To find out more about how our small business marketing company Brisbane can help you, contact Little Marketing  today.


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