Small business marketing company Melbourne on the best social media channels to use for small business 2016

As a 70’s kid, I remember when you could count the number of TV channels on one hand and these days there are so many channels on free to air and Foxtel that we need a guide function to save endless channel surfing and prevent us from getting completely lost.

Needless to say we see social media following the same trend, going from a small handful of outlets to having way too many to keep up with.

We have now arrived at a point where we are drowning in social media channels and this leaves many business owners confused and overwhelmed.

Over the next two articles, we explain the top ten social media channels you should be looking at now.

1. Facebook

With an estimated 800 million active users, Facebook is still ranked as the most used social networking service in the world

Starting a business Facebook page is relatively easy and the interface makes it super easy for fans to ‘like’ your posts. As the average user has 130 friends who will see your activity, your brand will be placed in front of an audience you many not normally have access to.

2. Twitter

This is a micro-blogging social media site with an estimated 300 million users world-wide. It has been described as SMS of the internet, because posts are short, sweet and to-the- point.

With posts coming in at 140 characters or less, twitter is easily organised via hash tags and differs from Facebook in the way that users ‘follow’ each other. If someone follows you, you can follow them back, although the followers may not be as targeted.

Stay tuned next week, when our small business marketing company Melbourne bring you more on our top social media picks for 2016.



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