Cold Calling vs Cold Emailing, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

There is a range of different ways for you to contact and create brand awareness for your business. Read this article if you can’t decide if you want to do cold calling or cold emailing. The marketing consultancy in Sydney will tell you the pros and cons of both.

Cold calling is a range of calls to an unlimited amount of phone numbers in order to get sales for the business.


  • Sets up appointments
  • Gets you referrals
  • Complete sales
  • Gives you the power to who you want to call


  • People aren’t cooperative
  • On average 6,264 calls were made over 2 weeks, 55% of calls weren’t answered, 17% of numbers weren’t working and 27% were not interested or refused additional information
  • Out of 6,000+ calls, only 19 appointments were made, which puts the success rate of cold calling at 0.3%

Cold emailing is said to bet he number 1 form of attempting to communicate with their target market.


  • Ability to connect with anyone
  • Has the ability to read or open their message at any time they want
  • Requires less training
  • Can be managed by one sales person
  • Emails are full of potential


  • People have 100s of emails in their inbox
  • High influx in competition
  • High chance of filters sending your email to junk

When we look at both tactics, it will be more dependent on your industry as to what works best, but our small business-marketing consultants believe that cold emailing is the most effective way to convey a message.

Feel free to contact our marketing consultancy in Sydney and we’ll get your marketing plan rolling.


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