Ways to boost Facebook engagement, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

With the latest trends of marketing moving towards the internet and social media, it is important to know how to boost your business and create engaging content. The marketing consultancy Sydney has some ways for you to boost Facebook engagement!

Here are our ways for you to get more Facebook engagement:

• Show your business personality on the page on your posts
• You want to ask questions to your followers, make it more engaging with fill in the blank posts etc.
• Use lots of images!
• Provide an inside look at your company, do some behind the scene shots
• Stay specific and always continue doing what your followers respond to
• Keep posts simple
• Stay persistent with the posting
• Show that your followers actually mean something to your business
• Make it fun!

If you want your business’ social media or Facebook to be more engaging, be sure to contact our marketing consultants in Sydney for all the advice you can handle!


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