Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne wrap up our top tips for small business social media channels 2016

Our small business marketing consultants Melbourne continue here with the top social media sites for business 2016, with two more channels to add to the list.

5. LinkedIn

Founded in 2002 and launched in 2003, LinkedIn is the premier B2B social networking site.

LinkedIn gains 2 new members every second, with 135 million active users currently.

Traditionally viewed as the spot to put your resume and search for a job, LinkedIn has since grown into a robust networking site.

Our small business marketing company Sydney recommend utilising one hour per week to keep your profile updated and looking professional and use your LI company profile page like a resume

6. Pinterest

Do you have visually appealing products? Then Pinterest is for you.

With its board-styled social photo sharing, the mission is to connect world wide through shared taste and common interests.

Users may follow any person or any brand with users being able to ‘re-pin’ your pinned items.

Companies with product photos can gain a huge following and quick.

If you need assistance with social media for your business, contact Little Marketing, your small business marketing consultants, Melbourne.


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