Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne on the top social media sites for small business 2016 continued

This week our small business marketing consultants in Melbourne continue our article on the best social media sites for your small business in 2016.

3. YouTube.

YouTube is a video sharing social media site that is owned by Google, with more that 48 hours of video being uploaded to the site each and every minute.

As a business owner, our small business marketing consultancy Melbourne agree that video is a wonderful aspect to include in your marketing strategy, with your back-end key words being just as important on YouTube as with your other online strategies.

With a schools station rolling out soon, our small business marketing consulancy Melbourne recommends posting up your videos as YouTube will continue to roll out more in the future.

4. Google+ (Google Plus).

Google is an absolute powerhouse, with over 1 billion visitors per month.

Google Plus was opened to brands in 2011 and has some great features including circles, hangouts, messenger, Hashtags and  Instant Upload.

These products are certainly designed with the user in mind and even though this is Google’s fourth go at a social media site, you cannot deny the importance of adding your brand, if for search engine rankings alone.

For more of the best social media channels of 2016, our small business marketing consultancy recommend keeping an eye out in our news blog next week.


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