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Now make sure you use relevant hashtags

Make use of catchy hashtags. When people search for these hashtags, your post comes up with lots of other posts with the hashtag which is more reason why you need a high quality visual for your posts to remain catchy to users that go through the posts with that hashtag.

Many people tag top celebrities whenever they post their services on their Instagram page so they can help them in reposting. The rule of thumb is to add hashtags after your first comment but not before. You can even get people to invite their friends to like your post by tagging, helping you to build a massive followership.

Run contests

Create an create an online contest on Instagram. The beauty of Instagram is that it doesn’t have as many promotional limitations as other platforms. That means you have the opportunity to be as creative with your contest concept as you’d like. You could simply ask users to like or comment on your photo to be entered to win or ask them to repost one of your videos and the one with the highest number of likes wins a prize.

Instagram has fast become top of the list when it comes to the most popular social media platforms and it is certainly a vital marketing tool that just can’t be ignored when it comes to the success of your small business.

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