Small business marketing consultants Brisbane on augmented reality AR

In 2016, from a marketing perspective, was characterised by the release of Pokemon Do and Google’s dayderam, both representing the current peak of progress int eh worlds of augmented and virtual reality.

Exciting technology such as Augmented Reality blends lifestyle enhancement with complete mobility, so how can it not succeed?

Our small business marketing team, Brisbane believe that the release of games and products in this space have serious implications for the digital marketing world, with digital marketers being able to push the envelope by winning their fair share of attention by advertising in an altered reality.

Accessible, exciting technology that seamlessly blends lifestyle enhancement with mobility is always likely to succeed. The release of games and products in this space has serious implications for digital marketing.

With both augmented reality products being so successful 2017 is sure to see a huge wave of people trying to steal any idea they can and adapt them to market new ideas in a super exciting way.

Further to this, our small business marketing experts say that we can definitely expect product placement in augmented reality apps and games.  

Our small business marketing team are certainly looking forward to more Augmented Reality apps to come over the next few years and if you need assistance marketing your small business, contact Little Marketing today.



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