Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne look at ways to learn from Donald Trumps branding

Like it or not, the results are finally in and Trump has certainly defied well…pretty much all of the odds in the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Many of us Aussies are in shock, but when it comes to marketing, Trump was certainly the winner when it came to getting his brand out there. With that said what can we learn from the way he brands himself. 

Not only did Donald Trump run a truly consistent marketing campaign, but he really knew how to capture the minds of the American People. He knew that his brand didn’t have to appeal to everyone, but he sure knew his target audience, targeting for instance those particular industrial states of the US that were yearning for change. He saw the people and spoke to their concerns in a relevant way.

Trump continued to prove who is was, and this enabled him to consistently portray his brand, no matter what with no appologies for being big and bold with a “what you see is what you get” attitude". He knew what the people wanted, which was change, and that is exactly what he offered in his campaign. Being so both.

Trump has certainly proven that when it comes to marketing your business, you can’t be afraid to stand up for your brand, controversial or not. And although you may not use the same shock factor that Trump has, being memorable is certainly key. Even if you lose a few customers in the short term, branding is about consistency and concentrating on appealing to your target audience.

Our small business marketing consultants Melbourne explain that you don’t have to actually become like Trump to get across the line, but there is certainly much to learn from brand consistency and proving to customers that they need your business to their lives better.

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