Small business marketing company Melbourne with ways to increase sales over Christmas

With the holiday season upon us, our small business marketing consultants feel it’s a great time to share some tips on how you can generate increased online revenue for your business.

Over the next two weeks we will explain how you can increase the percentage of holiday sales significantly if you follow a few of the following tips:

Free Shipping

Consumers are always looking or the best deal and free shipping is up there on a customers list. Our marketing consultants know that it’s so important to make sure that free shipping is one of the very first visable aspects on your site. To make it stand out more you may even consider setting it as a slide-out or pop-up notification.

Collect emails and implement a Christmas auto-responder sequence.

With increased traffic throughout the holiday season comes greater opportunity to add more subscribers to your email list. Send them an automated email with special offers that are designed to bring them back to your website to complete a purchase. Don’t be afraid to email them frequently, as it will increase the chance of them coming in contact with your brand when they are ready to make that holiday purchase. Adding discount codes also increases the chances they will return.

Utilise testimonials

We all know that with testimonials comes credibility and with a large percentage of holiday traffic searching multiple websites prior to making a purchase decision, you need to do everything possible to quickly establish trust and credibility. Included testimonials on your landing page if you can so that your visitors are confident in buying from you whether it be Christmas or not.

Use remarketing to reel previous visitors back in.

Buyer intent is rife amongst holiday traffic. With many willing and able to make a purchase, if they visit your site and the leave without checking out, you can reel them back in through re-marketing. As they visit other websites you can follow them around with your ads, allowing your business to stay fresh in their mind. Traffic from re-marketing ads will convert at a much higher rate than any other source.

For more great tips on how to increase your holiday sales be sure to look out on our news blog next week for part two. 



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