How to use Instagram for your business, by the marketing consultancy in Sydney

With social media being the latest trend to take marketing onto the next level, as a small business owner it is important to be able to keep up with the times and know how to promote your business properly. The marketing consultancy in Sydney will explain to you how you can use Instagram for your business.

With millions monthly active users, Instagram is one of the best ways to get more people to see your products and services. What you need to do is:

• Set up your optimised business Instagram account and link all aspects of it to your website
• Stay recognisable with the same branding
• Create posts that tailor to your followers
• Promote your products and brand using professional photos
• Offer promotions through Instagram
• Reach a larger Instagram following by using the right hashtags
• Measure your following and interaction through the use of Instagram analytics

They are just the tip on how you can get your Instagram account rolling and if you ever need help or advice, be sure to contact our marketing consultants.

Feel free to send our small business marketing consultants in Sydney an enquiry or call us on 9700 1869.


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