5 Old-School marketing techniques, by our small business marketing consultant in Sydney

We all have been well informed about today’s marketing techniques, but let’s not forget where it all started! Our small business marketing consultant in Sydney will give you 5 old-school marketing techniques that were used and occasionally used today!

Back in the day, building a customer base was a lot harder than it is today as it actually took a lot more effort! Some of the techniques used include:

• Flyers: This was the carpet-bombing method of cheap advertising, you would simply find an area that you want to do business in and then distribute flyers everywhere!
• Posters: Most public areas would offer free space on walls for you to freely advertise what you do and you had to make sure that your flyer stood out from everyone else. Advertising discounts was always the best way.
• Value Additions: Which was simply offering common value additions to your repeat customers, so the more they came to you, the better discounts they got etc.
• Referral Networks: Back in the day, this was based around the concept of Word of Mouth, if you did something bad as a business to a customer, their whole network would find out about it and vise versa for if you did something good as a business owner
• Cold-Calling: Even until today some businesses still do this kind of marketing, but the efficiency of it bare minimal and less that 1% of people actually agree to sale or promotion being pitched

We hope that our marketing consultant has given you some insight as to how our industry has evolved over the years and progressively gotten better with the movement of technology.

Feel free to contact our small business marketing consultant in Sydney for any advice about small business marketing.


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