Small business marketing consultancy Melbourne on Reputation Marketing

People buy from businesses they like and trust. Wouldn’t you rather buy from a business with a 5 star rating as opposed to one with a low 2 star rating? Reputation marketing uses the words of your happy customers to gain the interest and trust from potential customers. Our Melbourne marketing consultants know that people will buy from businesses they like and trust.

Reviews and testimonials are as trustworthy as personal referrals and you need to show them off everywhere that you can via search engines, blogs, Google, Facebook, You-tube and Twitter just to name a few. Reputation management alone doesn’t increase revenue or grow your business. Building and then marketing your great reviews all across the internet will have customers turning away from your competition and flocking to you. One bad review can stop potential clients from trusting you before you even get a chance to meet them. In fact, a customer is almost four times more likely to visit a business with a higher rating.

However, your reputation is a lot more than just what people say about you, it’s also how you present your business and your brand online. Contact our experienced, small business marketing consultants Melbourne to find out more about our proven strategies to assist with building your online reputation.


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