Marketing consultancy Brisbane with a simple guide for attracting new clients to your business

As a small business owner you are always on the look out for new clients to increase your customer base and assist with business growth.

Let’s face it, without customers your business just won’t survive and it’s often hard to find the time to attract new customers and keep them rolling through. To help you along, our small business marketing team in Brisbane have a simple guide to help you get more of a good thing.

  • Identify your ideal client; create a profile for your ideal client, if you are unsure, why not provide your current clients with a survey. Your ideal client will bring you the most business over time and ultimately you should aim for ideal clients to make up to 100% of your customer base.

  • Discover the demographics of your target market; this will help    you decide exactly where to focus your promotional strategies.

  • Know your business inside out; if you haven’t built your business from the ground up and have just bought in, learn everything you can about each and every aspect of the business. To attract more clients you simply must have in-depth knowledge of the business structure, processes, customers and products/services.
  • Position yourself; show your customers that your business and it's products and services are ultimately their solution.

  • Direct response marketing; use this personal approach to directly contact your customers, impressing upon them that through your expertise, you can empathise and understand them better than anyone.

  • Follow up with new clients in a timely manner; our small business marketing consultants know too well that response time is so very important in providing your customers with that great first impression. 

  • Build partnerships that offer complementary services to your products; this can be such an effective way of finding new clients, simply through referrals.

For further assistance with implementing a marketing plan customised to your small business, contact our friendly, experienced marketing consultancy, Brisbane.


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