Small business marketing consultant in Sydney on Integrated marketing communications

Have you come across with this marketing term “IMC”? It stands for Integrated Marketing Communications.

IMC is a marketing communication planning concept that recognises the value of a comprehensive plan. A plan that evaluates the strategic roles of the promotional mix and combines the discipline to provide clarity, consistency and maximise communication impact.

In layman terms, it is a synergy approach of marketing that aims to generate short term returns and build long term impact using a single message across all marketing channels.

At Little Marketing, we recognise the value of having one important and impactful message. That is why usually we start our business process with our clients by identifying that most important message according to their business proposition. For example, our longest standing client, m.a.s accountants, their positioning statement is “the original accounting office for small business” and we use this message on every marketing aspect to reinforce their brand value as well as meaning.

Find your brand focus and meaning with Little Marketing. Contact us soon for any marketing advice.


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