What to look for in the Instagram Analytics tool, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

The market is now inundated with tools for marketers and businesses to boost sales and customer attraction. With the new Instagram analytical tool coming out soon, your business can benefit from a range of features. The marketing consultancy Sydney will tell you what to look for in “Insight”.

This is going to be a quick outline of what marketers will hope to look for through Instagram Analytics. The two major factors to benefit from will be:

• Follower Behaviour
• Content Performance and Engagement

Features that will help get these statistics:

• Breakdowns of top level metrics such as comments and likes
• Details on followers and growth
• Hashtag Performance
• Filter Based Engagement
• Customisation according to industry, geography and metrics

Instagram has been an ever changing, growing social media platform that will now help business increase their growth and customer base with the added analytics.

Instagram has evolved over the years and adapted to the fast paced movement of technology enabling businesses to connect with customers.

The marketing consultancy Sydney is always embracing new changes to improve our customer experience and results!


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