Small business marketing consultancy Sydney with some marketing trends you should be tackling in 2016

Marketing is one of those ever changing factors of a business that many business owners struggle to maintain on their own. So, to help you keep your marketing on the right track in 2016, our marketing consultancy, Sydney has some information on the marketing trends that you should be tackling!

These include:

  1. Relationship Marketing – ensuring that you are connected with customers (i.e. over 2 Billion worldwide customers will own mobile phones) increases your opportunity to get in touch with them.
  2. Marketing Automation – this alone is worth over $5.5 Billion and is leading the way in how marketers are scheduling emails, categorising clients, scheduling social media posts and managing content.

  3. Location-Based Marketing Technology – Target users at the initial point of engagement, reducing the time needed to create engagement further down the track.

  4. Virtual Reality – This has taken the world by storm and in order for businesses to get their target markets attention eg. The Millennial Generation, creating 360-degree interactive videos will become the norm.

  5. Search Engines – With the advancement of search engines, it will continually become more beneficial for businesses to have informative, captivating and relevant content. More advanced search methods will make it viable for companies to show and sell their products over social media platforms, thanks to search engines.

  6. The Internet of Things (IOT) – This is wearable technology and we will see roughly 28 percent of people adopting this in 2016. This ultimately means that data will be collected from people’s day-to-day habits. In the future, advertisingwill be based off of a persons every move and for marketers it will result in all of their data being behavior driven!

While digital marketing has become very prominent and undergone substantial transformation in the last few years, technology will just keep changing and growing at an extremely fast pace! Thus, making it more important than ever for small business to keep up with their marketing strategies.

These game changing marketing trends will be prominent throughout the rest of 2016 and should be an essential part of your marketing plan from 2017 onwards!

Feel free to contact our small business marketing consultants in Sydney and we can start developing the marketing plans of the future with you!


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