Key online trends we should all be weary of, by the marketing consultancy Sydney

Over the past few years, the Internet has been subjected to exponential growth, which has resulted in many businesses, platforms and apps to also grow and flourish in the digital world. The marketing consultancy Sydney will tell you about some key online marketing trends that we should all be weary of.

The key online trends include:

• Growing Social Media – This includes the growth in video consumption and all major messaging platforms such as WhatsApp (150% growth), Facebook (300% growth) and WeChat (75% growth). These are still expected to grow within the year
• App Usage – The average global app usage per user resulted in 33 apps per device, while 80% of consumers time is predominately spent on 3 apps
• Online Advertising – This use to be a great way to get your consumers attention, but online ads are proving ineffective in many ways due to 81% of users muting video ads, 62% are annoyed at pre-rolled ads and 93% consider using ad-blocking software

The online trends are constantly evolving, which means the way we market our products and services to our consumers also needs to evolve. Knowing how customers react and what they do on a daily basis gives you the chance to tailor your marketing strategy and perfect it.

Feel free to contact the marketing consultancy Sydney so we can perfectly tailor your marketing plan to benefit your business.


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