Small business marketing consultants Melbourne with ideas to boost your business through Pokemon Go

Unless you have been living under a digital rock, you would have certainly heard of the latest mobile phone critter catching craze that is taking the world by storm!

It’s almost impossible to get your head around, but in less than a month Pokèmon Go has more daily users than Twitter, with this "Augmented Reality" app having been adopted by over 100 million global users in under a week!

So how are particular small businesses already reaping the rewards of joining this digital gaming evolution?

Businesses are luring the “Pikachu” hunting masses by actually purchasing Pokèmon Go "lures". These lures are visible to the Pokè-hunters and businesses drop a lure in the hope of converting customers and gaining exposure by having their name and picture advertised on the Pokè-stop via Google Maps.

Our team of small business marketing constultants in Melbourne have already seen a number of local venues and outlets who are integrating Pokèmon Go into their products and services. There are suburban bars offering up pink "Jigglypuff" cocktails and fast food joints serving up “Charmander” burgers, with one forward-thinking Sydney watering hole even declaring itself a Pokè-pub!

Other various businesses are hosting Pokè-hunts, engaging customers by bringing them together as a group, starting and finishing a community based adventure at the location of their establishment. There are also many other small businesses hosting Pokè-parties, attracting customers with eye catching Pokèmon themes via social media.

The Pokèmon Go phenomenon is paving the way for the future of Augmented Reality and this is just the beginning. With similar virtual apps being released in the not too far distant future, businesses will find themselves adopting entirely new marketing strategies.

If you are looking to refresh your current marketing strategy, contact our small business marketing consultants Melbourne.


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